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High-quality laying of porcelain tiles on the floor in Kropyvnytskyi

Our company Baronin has been engaged in repair and construction services for more than 15 years. Our specialists have many years of experience, regular training to improve their skills and thousands of satisfied regular customers.

We offer a comprehensive implementation of turnkey repair work, modern design solutions and the latest construction technologies. If you need to lay porcelain stoneware on your floor without joints, we are ready to offer you the services of our best narrow-profile master tilers who adhere to high quality standards. It is important to trust the performance of such work only to experienced professionals who have the necessary skills, special tools, and also know what material is best to choose and use in each case.

Turnkey laying of porcelain stoneware is the most profitable solution, since our professionals independently select consumables, take the necessary measurements, negotiate the terms and cost of work with the customer, and hand over the object within the agreed time period. This significantly saves money and time, since with the independent selection of materials there is a possibility of acquiring an unsuitable product.

Professional installation of ceramic garnet on the floor is carried out by our best narrow-profile tilers from Baronin. We are ready to offer you stylish design solutions, modern styling techniques and low cost. You can order a wide range of repair and construction services from us, as well as the departure of a specialist to your home at any time convenient for you. We offer various types of interior and exterior decoration of buildings and design development upon individual request.

If you have any questions regarding services, calling a specialist to your home, professional selection of building materials, terms of order fulfillment, features of laying porcelain stoneware on various surfaces - feel free to contact our consultants who will be happy to answer all your questions.

A good master in laying porcelain stoneware on the floor in Kropyvnytskyi and in the region

To date, one of the most common materials for cladding is porcelain stoneware. It is great for both interior and exterior decoration due to its advantages: wear resistance, strength, durability, excellent performance. Due to the increased resistance to abrasion, the service life of this building material in some cases reaches fifty years. It perfectly tolerates the effects of moisture, temperature changes, pressure - but such properties are achieved thanks to the professional work of facing masters.

Laying porcelain stoneware floor tiles is very similar to laying conventional ceramic tiles. The difference is only in the adhesive mixture, since it is impossible to use cement mortar, because porcelain tiles will not adhere to it. Its laying takes place with the help of multi-component adhesives with high adhesive properties on an acrylic or latex basis. Such a solution has good elasticity, increases the impact resistance of lined surfaces, and has good frost resistance.

All work consists of several stages:

  1. Preparatory: its essence lies in taking the necessary measurements, calculating the number of consumable building materials, preparing special tools, taking into account the characteristics of the premises and the wishes of the client. At this stage, the final calculation of the cost of the work takes place, and materials are purchased for its implementation. The preparation of the base for cladding is also carried out. The surface must be level, dry and clean. If there are any cracks or convex parts, then it is necessary to level them with special glue or self-leveling mixture.
  2. At the second stage, laying takes place directly, which should only be carried out by an experienced facing master. He will select the best way to install the tiles, make sure that everything is done neatly and reliably. The uniformity of the distance between the tiles is regulated by special cross-like inserts. The seam between the individual parts should not be filled with glue that has come out, it is immediately removed with a damp sponge. Tiles must be laid exactly not only in relation to each other, but also to the surface of the base. Modern techniques make it possible to perform a seamless type of laying, which can only be realized on a perfectly flat surface to be lined.
  3. Completion of work: consists in rubbing the seams, removing the remnants of the solution with a damp sponge, and completely drying the solution. At the end, the master checks the quality of his work and gives recommendations regarding the operation.

It is important to know that the work of such a plan should be trusted only to professionals. This will significantly save finances and time, because our tilers will select building materials based on your requests and wishes regarding the cost, as well as recommend trusted manufacturers.

The cost of laying porcelain stoneware on the floor from the company Baronin

If you need to put porcelain stoneware on the floor, the price and quality of which will suit you, feel free to contact the specialists of our Baronin company. We guarantee compliance with high quality standards, selection of the optimal combination of materials from trusted manufacturers, short deadlines for completing tasks and low prices for all our services.

Installation of ceramic garnet on the floor, the price and quality from the professionals of our company will please you, and an individual approach will make it possible to implement your most daring design ideas.

To learn more about the services, their cost, and ask your questions to our consultants, you can contact us at the phone number indicated on the site or using the quick contact button, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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