Finishing work and complex renovation of apartments and houses from the company Baronin

Repair and finishing work is the most time-consuming and complex process, the result of which affects the entire external perception and characteristics of the building. Our team of highly specialized specialists has many years of experience in the repair and construction industry. We use innovative technologies, high quality equipment and the best building materials to make your dreams come true.

We carry out repair and finishing works on a turnkey basis with a guarantee of quality and implementation in a short time. Finishing includes the following types of activities: painting, plastering, facing, glass and others. There are such types of finishing activities:

- internal: include leveling the unevenness of the walls, ceiling, painting them, screeding and other types of manipulations that are carried out in the interior of the house. During their implementation, it is important that the craftsmen take into account the features of the entire building and each individual room, as well as correctly combine different types of materials and select them based on the purpose of use;

- external: it includes all processes that occur from the outside, it can be cladding, plaster and others.

An important point to consider is that the interior decoration is carried out from top to bottom, because such a sequence is very practical.

Experts distinguish two more significantly different types: rough and fine finish. Repair and finishing master first of all, he performs all the rough work, which includes plastering, masonry, painting, plumbing work - everything that prepares surfaces for a final repair option. The second type is the installation of plumbing, lighting fixtures, wall painting, door installation and other activities.

Cooperating with us, you get the following benefits:

- qualified selection of materials corresponding to the features of the building and the established budget;

- our specialists will perform even the most difficult work in a short time;

- we use innovative technologies and modern equipment, which makes it possible to carry out construction in high quality at the lowest material costs;

- a qualified repair will delight you for a long time without the need to update, as the craftsmen use only high-quality materials and technologies, which ensures excellent wear resistance.

Complex repair and finishing works by Baronin specialists

Our team of craftsmen specializes in turnkey construction. We carry out exterior and interior decoration on an individual order, we select the best combinations of materials, taking into account the agreed cost and your wishes.

Construction and repair and finishing works are a set of measures for the improvement of buildings, which are divided into rough and finish views. Black finishes include:

  •         plastering: necessary in order to remove irregularities and depressions on surfaces, can be performed with cement-based mortars with sand or gypsum. Plastering is carried out in three stages: cleaning the surface, establishing special profiles and directly plastering;
  •         plasterboard: installation of plasterboard sheets to create partitions, slopes, ceiling structures;
  •         painting: primer, reinforcement and grinding are carried out, then polished to create a smooth surface;
  •         masonry: carried out for the construction of complexes of systems that are assembled in a certain order and strengthened with cement;
  •         wiring: electrical communication channels are carried out, which are then masked. Cables are laid in pre-prepared technical strobes, places are prepared for sockets, switches, electrical panels and meters, as well as other various types of electrics;
  •         plumbing: this includes the dismantling of old equipment and the installation of sewerage with water supply in buildings. This type of activity includes the installation of pipes and their communications, joints are checked, water meters are installed, a place is prepared for a bathroom and other plumbing.

You can also order repair and finishing works of the final version from our specialists:

  •         finishing the ceiling and walls: applying plaster, painting, wallpapering and other decorative elements;
  •         floor finish;
  •         plumbing installation, tiling;
  •         connecting sockets, assembling furniture and other types of building decoration.

Fine finishing is the final stage in the construction and repair process, after its completion the house is ready for active use.

Prices for construction and finishing works from experienced professionals

Our team of specialists carries out all types of repair and finishing tasks of any complexity based on our project or the customer's option. Since in each individual case different materials and techniques will be used, taking into account the characteristics of each object, the price quotes for finishing work should be checked with a specialist after detailed calculations.

Our craftsmen will pick up high-quality building materials at the best price, which will ideally suit your chosen building design style. We can also perform the full range of turnkey tasks, from the selection of materials to the delivery of the object within the agreed time. Our designers are ready to offer you the best design options, combinations of styles and colors. The prices for construction work from our company depend on the working area, complexity, selected building materials, the agreed budget and the characteristics of the building.

To find out more detailed information about the services, terms of execution and cost, you can contact us on the website or at the specified phone number.

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