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We – «Baronin Development», a construction team of professionals working on the Ukrainian market for over 15 years. Since 2007, we have been fulfilling the dreams of our clients by strictly adhering to the canons of high quality standards.

Our area of ​​interest – construction of commercial and residential real estate, co-investment, repair and construction works of any complexity, development and implementation of design projects, turnkey construction and architectural supervision.

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The secret of success is simple – we employ professionals of narrow specialization. 

We take on any projects, reinforcing our skills with innovations and world experience in the field of development.

Our team quarterly improves its professional skills, the level of mastery and expands their scope.




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Turnkey construction and renovation - build your future with us

Do you know what determines the quality of life? Of course, a place where you can feel cozy and comfortable, a place where you want to return every day. You spend a significant part of your life in your house: you relax, work, create, so it should be stylish, practical and multifunctional at the same time.

Our company “Baronin Development” provides a wide range of services for the construction and repair of houses. With us you can make your country house, apartment, cottage or any other room even more comfortable. Or we can help you build your dream home from scratch. 

We perform high-quality construction work in Kropyvnytskyi, using only modern construction technologies. A full range of services includes all the necessary steps: development of an engineering project, laying the foundation, carrying out all communications, as well as creating a stylish layout with modern design solutions. 

Clients often ask the question “what is a turnkey repair”?. So, this means that after the completion of the entire work process, we will give you the key to the house, in which you can immediately live, without any additional finishing touches. 

We are exactly that repair and construction company whose services are performed completely on a turnkey basis. You no longer have to invest your time and effort in repairs. All that is required of you is to voice your wishes and accept the finished result. We, in turn, guarantee the performance of work at a high level and the implementation of the project in full compliance with the developed design plan. 

We carry out construction and turnkey repairs with a design project in several important stages:

  • Creation of a project by a professional designer, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, according to which subsequent construction will be carried out. 
  • Preparing for work. Development of project documentation and obtaining all permits. 
  • Construction of the foundation, taking into account the terrain, type of structure, depth of groundwater and many other important factors.
  • Building walls. 
  • Roof installation. 
  • Conducting all vital communications: electrics, water, heat communications. 
  • Implementation of the layout, the construction of all internal partitions, floors, ceilings. 
  • Finishing work according to the design project.

Where can I order professional construction and repair services?

Very often in our country, people rely on their own strength and are sure that they will be able to do such laborious work as repairs on their own. Of course, if you have the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as a set of special tools, this is a justified decision. But, as practice shows, many do not have the necessary experience and risk spending a lot of effort and money. 

We believe that everyone should mind their own business, so the most rational solution would be to entrust repair and construction work to professionals. The main reasons why you need to do this: 

  • Repair will be carried out according to a pre-developed project, where all, even the smallest, nuances will be taken into account. 
  • Masters own special technologies. 
  • You will avoid the side effects that would most likely occur with self-repair.
  • Specialists use only modern and professional tools. 
  • A qualified team of craftsmen has many years of experience, which helps to make repairs as quickly as possible and at no extra cost. 

Prices for repair and construction work provided by our company are determined individually. They depend on the features of the object where the work will be carried out and many other characteristics. 

The main types of work that are included in the turnkey repair service: 

  • Detailed consultation. Our manager provides detailed information about all working moments. 
  • Departure of a specialist to the object. At this stage, our employee studies the features of the object, gives recommendations on technical equipment, on possible redevelopment, on the choice of finishing materials, etc.
  • Create a design project. This makes it possible to see what the result will be in the end. 
  • Estimating. Approval of the budget, which is fixed in the official contract, as well as agreement on the timing of the work.
  • Repair work has begun. Our company employs a professional team of turnkey repairs will be made from a 100% quality guarantee. As a result, all the necessary construction operations will be implemented that correspond to the developed design project. 
  • Delivery of the object to the customer. 

Our team will be able to perform cosmetic, complex, major or any other type of repair. In the process of work, we comply with all construction requirements and implement the order just in time. We pay special attention to quality control. 

Why should you order repair and construction services from us? Key Benefits: 

  • We provide all types of finishing and construction works completely on a turnkey basis. 
  • We create an individual design project, taking into account the wishes of the customer.
  • Signing an official contract.
  • We complete the work strictly on time. 
  • We have extensive experience in this field. 
  • We guarantee high quality results. 
  • Only experienced and knowledgeable specialists work for us. 
  • We carry out all types of construction work of any complexity. 
  • We consult and give the best advice to the customer during the repair process. 
  • We provide quality services at a bargain price.

Prices for construction and finishing works in Kropyvnytskyi

Prices for construction or turnkey repairs depend on many factors, so if you want to clarify the approximate cost, we recommend that you contact our specialists at the number indicated on our website. They will help you calculate the amount corresponding to the types of work that will be required specifically for your object. 

You can also order a consultation from us by filling out a simple form on the website. Our consultant will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions. Place an order and get a quality result of work at the best and best price!

Call us right now and we will provide you with a full price list for finishing work and construction. 

You can order our services in the city of Kropyvnytskyi. We are waiting for you in our office to discuss all the details. 

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